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What To Do When There Are Problems With A Thermador Oven

Thermador ovens are recognized as some of the highest quality appliances that can be used in a kitchen. They even produce a line of commercial ovens that are designed for use in restaurants. If one of these units needs service, then a certified Thermador oven repair technician will be needed. These individuals can be found at companies like Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. Understanding why an oven stops working and how to deal with minor issues can help to keep a Thermador stove working for a very long time.

Oven Heating Elements

If the level of heat inside of an oven is not sufficient to cook food, then there might be a problem with the heating element. Thermador ovens usually have baking and broiling elements. Both work to a small degree when cooking regardless of the settings that are used. One problem that occurs with the heating elements that can be fixed at home is a buildup of food. This can eventually cause the elements to break or chip. Buildup can also clog the terminals stopping the elements from heating properly. If cleaning the elements does not cause the oven to heat, then it is time to call a repair technician.

Stovetop Burners

The stovetop burners are similar to the baking elements except that they are fully exposed and are designed to be removed and cleaned easily. If the burners have stopped heating properly, then the problem could be that the connection point on the end has become coated in food. Another issue could be the wiring that runs to the terminal itself. Any problem with the burners that is not solved by cleaning or replacing the heating element needs to be addressed by certified Thermador oven repair technicians. This is especially true for induction burners that do not have exposed elements.


The thermostat controls the amount of heat that is generated by the oven. A faulty thermostat or sensor can result in elements being deactivated before the correct temperature has been reached. This temperature difference can be very significant. A thermostat and sensor can be replaced in a Thermador oven by a certified repair service. More commonly, however, the thermostat does not need to be replaced and can just be recalibrated by a technician. It is difficult to test if a thermostat is the problem at home without sufficient knowledge of electrical systems.

Electrical Problems

Thermador ovens are designed for convenience in the kitchen. They often combine convection fans, microwaves and other types of components in order to make cooking simple. All of the components in an oven rely on electrical wiring in order to function properly. Issues such as malfunctioning fans, non-functioning or inaccurate display panels and feature that do not work are often the result of a problem with the wiring inside of the oven or behind the unit. Rarely, this can even involve problems with wiring inside of the home. Electrical problems that stop parts of the oven from working need to be handled directly by certified technicians like those available at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair.

Common Problems With Sub-Zero Refrigerators

All appliances will require some type of professional maintenance or repair at some point. This occurs naturally even with very little use. This can be frustrating with brands such as Sub-Zero that are world-renowned for reliability and durability. A refrigerator is one of the most active appliances in the kitchen. The unit runs almost constantly in order to maintain a cool internal temperature. Problems with cooling, strange noises or water on the floor can all be caused by a variety of different issues. Some can be repaired at home while others will require a professional repair company like Hi-Tech Appliance for service.

Overheated Compressor

The compressor is a vital component that helps to move refrigerant through the entire appliance. There might be a problem with the compressor if the temperature inside is not cool and the unit is not making familiar cycling sounds during the day. This can be caused by a damaged or overloaded relay that is no longer able to regulate operation of the compressor. This is a serious problem that a repair technician can fix. An overheated compressor can also be the result of problems with the condenser.

Condenser Coils

Many problems with freezers are caused by issues relating to the condenser coils. The condenser coils are rows of thin piping that are usually located on the back of the unit or underneath depending on the model. The coils allow heat to dissipate from the refrigerant. An accumulation of dust and dirt on the coils can act like insulation and can stop the heat from dissipating quickly. This will cause issues like inconsistent cycling, compressor overheating and varying temperatures inside of the unit. Cleaning these coils can fix some problems. The location of the coils and the volume of dirt that has collected can make this task difficult for average homeowners.

Loose Gaskets

The gasket on a refrigerator is the rubber lining that is inside of the door. This gasket is intended to make a firm seal that keeps the cold air inside and the hot air outside. Gaskets can be easily dislodged from a door or can fall off over time if they were applied with adhesives. Loose or missing gaskets can result in a lack of cooling power leaving food warm. It can also be responsible for the appearance of puddles of water on the floor. The puddles are caused by melting ice and condensation that can leak out and pool on the floor over time. This is an issue that skilled homeowners or trained professionals can usually repair.

Drainage Lines

Appliances that deal with refrigerant generate condensation because of the exchange of heat that occurs. This excess water is normally handled by drainage lines and a drainage pan in the bottom of the appliance. The drainage lines can become misaligned, broken or completely dislodged. Similarly, the pan can tilt or can develop a hole. This will result in the water falling on the floor and pooling in front of the unit. Replacing a drainage pan is fairly easy if it is accessible. Repairs to drainage lines, however, should be performed by certified Sub-Zero technicians like Hi-Tech Appliance Services.

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