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Energy Savings and Your Stove

As newer energy efficiency guidelines evolve, appliances and devices aimed at maximizing energy use continue to be introduced. University of Sydney students have developed a specialized platform capable of monitoring individual appliances and their energy use. The platform is designed to empower consumers with robust reporting metrics that would equip them with better information to guide decision-making on whether or not to replace aging appliances.

Developers Mahboobeh Mogaddham and Waiho Wong designed the “MyPower Energy Platform,” a device that could be used on stoves, microwaves, dryers, and other household appliances. The plug is embedded in a GSM unit. The metrics provided offer insight into how each appliance affects utility costs with regard to peak and off-peak rates when appliances are operated. The information is sent to a cloud-based data center every half hour and the reporting is made available to consumers. Consumers will also be able to remotely program their appliances to adjust energy consumption. The two believe that it is possible to achieve 10 percent in savings with the energy platform system.

Although the monitoring device is in its earliest stages of development, consumers can make some changes in how they operate their appliances in everyday use. In Los Angeles, stove repair clients concerned with the rising energy costs associated with cooking can lower stove-related energy costs.

• Older, outdated ovens should be replaced with newer, energy-efficient stoves.
• When cooking, ceramic and glass dishes are best because they offer better heat retention.
• Cook dishes and sides simultaneously in the main oven compartment to save on energy.
• Using the crockpot periodically for some dishes is ideal because it takes less energy to operate.
• If cooking with an electric stovetop, cut the stove top off several minutes earlier. It takes several minutes for the stove to become cool again.
• When baking, turn the heat off several minutes before the official cooking time has ended. Again, it takes time for the stove to cool down.

Making sure that the oven continues to perform reliably requires scheduled maintenance activity from time to time by a stove repair expert in Los Angeles. Most people are surprised at the potential savings that can result from proper upkeep of the stove and other household appliances.


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