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Refrigerator Repair in Los Angeles

When your refrigerator isn’t working right, it’s natural that you want it fixed as soon as possible. Choose Hi-Tech Appliance Repair for prompt, professional service that will get your refrigerator back to full functionality in short order. We have over 20 years of experience, so you can be sure our repairs will work right and last as long as they should.

There are many conditions that warrant a call for refrigerator repair in the greater Los Angeles area. The most obvious, of course, is the failure of the machine to sufficiently cool its contents. If the refrigerator produces inconsistent temperatures or simply stays warm, we can get it to live up to its name once again.

Sometimes, a refrigerator may keep your food cold but will still show signs that all is not right. We will diagnose and fix problems like leaks, strange smells, increased noise levels, clunking and banging. Thanks to our years of experience, we will be able to track down the causes of these issues with perfect accuracy.

Failure of the self-defrost function is another problem that is worth a service call. Manually defrosting the freezer compartment means removing all of the food, which, of course, will cause it to thaw and spoil much faster than it otherwise would. Instead of having to face this on a regular basis, call us so your refrigerator-freezer once again does this basic maintenance on its own.

Advanced refrigerators often have parts that are subject to wear from frequent use. If your refrigerator has unresponsive touch screen controls, a broken icemaker or a failed thermostat, give us a call. We’ll have it working like new again in no time. We can also fix broken or burned-out interior lights while we’re at it.

Why You Should Choose Hi-Tech Appliance Repair

Our company has over 20 years of experience, so we know what we’re looking at when we diagnose your refrigerator. All of our technicians are factory trained and certified, so they are current with modern appliances as well as older models. In fact, they are so good that they can repair a home refrigerator in a single visit.

We make it easy for you to get your refrigerator fixed when it breaks. Our rates remain the same at all times – there is no extra cost for weekend, evening or holiday visits. Not only that, you can schedule a same-day visit if you call before noon.

To back up our work, we offer the best warranties in the industry. You won’t have to worry about the problem coming back after we service your refrigerator. This is possible thanks to our certified technicians and the new, manufacturer-recommended parts we use.

If your home or business is in the greater Los Angeles area, simply call us or fill out our email form to schedule an appointment for refrigerator repair today. Call before noon, and your machine will be working by tonight.

by Steve Smith.

Steve is a proud employee of Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. A Los Angeles landmark that specializes in appliance repair. We take great pride in the reputation that we have spent years earning. As experts in our field, we pride ourselves in providing unbeatable service with a smile! You can find Steve on Google Plus.

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