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Hiring an Oven Repair Company

If you are like so many other residents in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and throughout Orange County, you regularly heat up your oven to prepare meals and snacks. You may not put much thought into your oven as long as it continues to work properly and do its job. However, no oven will work perfectly forever, and you may […]

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Oven Repair In Los Angeles & Hollywood Areas

Your oven should be ready to work when you need it, but occasionally problems arise, and the oven stops working. Rather than go to an appliance store for a new oven, call us at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. We provide oven repair and other appliance services to those throughout the greater Los Angeles area. You don’t need to waste hundreds of […]

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Oven Repair in West Hollywood

Imagine cooking your Thanksgiving dinner without an oven. If the thought scares you, you should give us a call. Turkey cooked in the microwave tastes just as bad as you imagine that it would, and you cannot make sweet potato pie or any of your other favorite dishes with just a stove and a microwave. Even if you visit a […]

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Calabasas Appliance Repair Tips

Electrical or gas supply problems and improper oven control settings can cause minor issues with your Viking stove. Hi-Tech Appliance Repair specialists recommend that you perform these troubleshooting steps to identify and correct the problem. Electrical and Gas Supply If your stove isn’t working, you should determine whether it is receiving electricity or gas. For gas models, find the shutoff […]

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Bel Air Estates Appliance Repair Tips

A Viking Gas Oven is a convection cooking appliance with adjustable racks, infrared broiler and a large capacity. The manufacturer provides a limited warranty on these high quality ovens. These troubleshooting steps can help you diagnose and correct the problem when your oven won’t heat. If you need further assistance, contact Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. Electrical Power Verify that the oven […]

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San Fernando Appliance Repair Tips

Should I Repair or Replace Broken Kitchen Appliances? In recent years, the cost of many commonly used kitchen appliances has dropped dramatically. So you might ask yourself whether or not you should repair or replace a microwave or stove that’s stopped working. In many cases, but not all, it would be more cost effective to replace a cheap oven or […]

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Kitchen Appliance Problems

The last thing any of us likes to think about is our kitchen oven failing us when we need it most. Inevitably, if we are going to have a problem with our oven, it occurs when we have plans to entertain friends, or family members. This can create any number of problems and often that means we need to hire […]

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Stove and Oven Repair in Studio City

It’s pretty hard to imagine a day without using your stove. But, when you do imagine it, you want it to be because someone took you out to dinner, not because your stove is broken. Luckily, living in Studio City means you have access to a lot of appliance repair companies. Be sure to consider each appliance repair company’s experience […]

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Stove and Oven Repair In Beverly Hills

When your stove has burners that don’t heat, or heat intermittently, it can cause real problems when you try to cook a meal. It can be quite difficult to cook when you have no idea how hot the burner will get. When you have a problem with an electric burner, in most cases, replacing the heating element will take care […]

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Viking Range Repair in Studio City

Studio City is a great place to live, filled with really nice homes. If you’re a Studio City resident, you have access to all the amenities of the Los Angeles area, but also have many located right inside the boundaries of Studio City. Viking Stoves are popular home amenities in this part of Los Angeles. So, you’ll find that there […]

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