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Don’t Fear Calabasas, Hi-Tech Appliance Repair is Here

Hi-Tech Appliance Repair is the company of choice when it comes to all of your repair needs in Calabasas. Our fast and friendly service is designed with the customer in mind. Appliance repair in Calabasas has been a specialty of ours for a number of years and we have received numerous compliments from our repeat customers. When an appliance breaks and you do not know who to turn to make the necessary repairs, please consider the staff at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair first.

Our team of highly trained repairmen is so proficient at what they do that they are often able to extend the useful life of an appliance. Many of the appliances on sale in the second hand stores in this area have enjoyed an extended life thanks to appliance repairs in Calabasas performed by the technicians at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. If you are low on money and your appliances stop working, do not go to the nearest Best Buy or Sears to buy new appliances. Your first choice for appliance repair in Calabasas is always to contact the team at Hi-Tech Appliances Repairs.

Our team in the Calabasas branch has product knowledge on a broad range of brands and appliances. We have seen all of the brands in the local area and have fixed problems that most other companies simply cannot handle. Our skilled technicians can fix your appliances from Sub Zero, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and other major manufacturers. Our proficiency sets us apart from all our competitors.

The company also provides services to commercial activities that are in need of appliance repairs in Calabasas. Hi-Tech Appliance Repair and their staff of workers can meet the demands of the toughest business owners. Since we too are a successful business, we know the type of quality that should be expected on a repair. Hi-Tech Appliance Repair technicians go out of their way for business owners to ensure that our repair schedules meet your timelines and fit in your daily schedule. If you need a repair made late in the day, just ask and we are there!

Zip codes we service in Calabasas CA are: 91301, 91302 and 91372.

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Valley Village, CA 91607 United States

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Hi-Tech Appliance Repair
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Our San Fernando Location

Hi-Tech Appliance Repair
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Our Santa Monica Location

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