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Face it: our homes today are dependent on appliances of every kind. When any appliance is not functioning, it can wreak havoc in our homes. Hi-Tech Appliance Repair in Santa Monica, CA has a goal to help get your appliances back in shape as quickly as possible. With trained and qualified technicians, we will provide prompt and effective repairs and follow up with caring customer support.

Resourceful Technicians

Our technicians are trained and experienced. When there is a problem, they know how to solve it or where to turn for more help. They will listen to your problems, then get busy to find a solution as quickly as possible.

If other problems arise during the time the appliance is being serviced, our technicians are able to deal with the additional problems in the same effective manner as the original issue.

Prompt Service

With some appliances, time is of the essence. A malfunctioning refrigerator or freezer may not be able to wait until it is your turn for repairs. On the other hand, we also understand that every appliance is important to the functions of your household.

Our goal is to respond to your request as quickly as possible. We strive to get your appliances back into shape before you have even really had time to miss them.

Effective Repairs

Our knowledgeable technicians and prompt service combine to bring you the best experience possible when you are having appliance malfunctions. We understand that you need your appliances to be returned to working order as quickly as possible.

Our technicians can conduct tests to determine the root of the problem and make sure the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. While we cannot always guarantee that no return visits will be necessary, we still strive to do our best to eliminate the need for return repair visits.

Customer Support

With many companies, the customer service ends after the repair visit. However, we are always ready to provide support. If something still is not right after the repair visit, contact us to let us know. We will work with you to make sure everything is working exactly as it should.

The next time an appliance malfunction threatens to throw your household into chaos, contact Hi-Tech Appliance Repair in Santa Monica, CA. Let us help get your appliances running again, while remaining friendly to your wallet.

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