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Do your dishes still look dirty after a wash cycle, with bits of food caked on your plates? Sounds like you need dishwasher repair, Los Angeles residents overwhelmingly trust this work to the dedicated professionals at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. To get the most life from your dishwasher it is imperative that you make a commitment to regularly scheduled maintenance, in the long run these preventative measures will save you both the money and the frustration of a completely malfunctioning appliance. While we strongly suggest regular maintenance we are also thoroughly prepared for, and trained to face, the most complicated of dishwashing repair emergencies.

While most dishwashers work in very similar ways it is very important for the professional you hire to be familiar with the brand that you have in your home. It is with this in mind that we require our Los Angeles area dishwasher repair technicians to train extensively on all major brand dishwashing units, including, but not limited to, Bosch, Maytag, GE, Whirlpool and Kenmore. In addition to being familiar the specific idiosyncrasies of each brand our specialists are experts in the complex inner workings of the basic systems within all dishwashers, any breakdown in the interactions between these symptoms can cause a major breakdown. Some symptoms of such a major breakdown are:

  • The unit is running more loudly than it should
  • Leakages
  • An error message on the electronic display
  • Taking longer than usual to complete a cycle
  • Food left stuck to dishes after a cleaning cycle
  • It is not receiving the water it needs
  • The unit is not draining properly
  • The dishes are not dry at the end of the cycle
  • Broken door, either not opening or closing properly
  • The cleaning cycle is interrupted before completion
  • One or both of the dish racks are broken
  • The spray arm is not rotating
  • The inside of the dishwasher is foul or dirty smelling
  • A burning smell (very important that you call us immediately!!)
  • The dishwashing fluid compartment is broken
  • It doesn’t work at all!

Our factory trained and field tested professionals can fix any and all of these problems, same day, and on your schedule! While we tend to take our dishwashers for granted, this can be a major mistake. Dishwashers can develop interior rust, or unclean filters. In the best case scenario, this can cause your dishes to discolor and smell, worst case scenario is that bacteria from prep utensils and dishes could spread and cause possible danger to your family. That is why it is so important to your family’s health and well being that you make sure your dishwasher is kept sanitary and in good repair. We will come to your home fully equipped with the parts and knowledge to get your dishwasher repaired right away, Los Angeles residents are busy professionals and we know that your time is of the utmost value to you, we respect that and we will not waste your time or money. Call us today and we will get you back up and washing!

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