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Hi-Tech Appliance Repair takes great pride in being one of the most relied upon specialists in dryer repair. Los Angeles is a city in which you always have a good deal of choice, and Hi-Tech Appliance is grateful to be the first choice of so many of this area’s residents. It is much less expensive and more environmentally friendly to repair and continue to use your current dryer than it is to purchase a new one. Whatever type (gas or electric) or brand (Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, LG, etc.) of dryer you own searching out the root of the problem when your dryer breaks down can often be difficult, and without the proper training often impossible! To get your dryer in proper working order as soon as possible it is important to call reliable and highly trained professionals.

Do it yourself projects have certainly been gaining in popularity, but there are some projects that are just not suitable for the lay person, and dryer repair is one of these things. Dryers are complex machines and disassembly and repair come with a chance of injury if the person performing the dryer repair is not properly trained on how to avoid these hazardous issues. Some common problems you may come across with your dryer that should be handled by one of our professionals are:

  • Dryer overheating
  • Under heating
  • The tumbling mechanism has stopped working
  • Longer than usual dry time (45 minutes is typical depending on the size of the load)
  • Issues with the digital display
  • Making unusual sounds such as grinding or squealing
  • Blown fuses, or tripping the circuit breaker regularly
  • Tearing or dirtying of clothing
  • Foul smell left on clothing
  • The machine won’t start at all!

The factory trained and certified dryer repair technicians at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair are qualified to fix all of these problems and more. A dryer that is not in good working order can be a hazard to your family in addition to an inconvenience to your wardrobe, and that is why at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards, we know that it is not only your business, but your family’s safety that is on the line, and we take that very seriously. We always make sure that our work is always strictly to the codes of Los Angeles county, keeping this in mind many homeowners still have white vinyl vent ducts, this is a fire hazard and must be corrected to keep you and your family safe! Just one call and a member of our highly trained staff of specialists will come out and replace this unsound material with aluminum venting that will get the job done safely and for years to come.

Proper repair and maintenance can keep your dryer in good working order for many years. Don’t you have something that you would rather buy with the thousands of dollars you would have to spend on a new dryer? If so call the premier dryer repair company in Los Angeles and we’ll keep you running!

A Los Angeles Dryer Repair Expert Can Help You Repair Your Dryer Quickly

Clothes dryers are an important part of everyday life for most Los Angeles residents. This is especially true for many families because parents tend to do a lot of laundry to keep up with their children’s demand for clean clothes.

Most modern dryers that are produced for homes these days feature several advanced features that make them more practical to use. For example, most modern units use a touch pad that lets users control a unit’s temperature and dryer settings instantly. Moreover, most modern units feature newly designed thermostats, motors and blowers that help users dry clothes more efficiently using less energy.

These advances in technology have made tackling most dryer repair problems difficult for the average person to do himself. In fact, many appliance manufacturers suggest that people hire a high-tech appliance repair expert to complete most dryer repair jobs because most modern units contain parts that are difficult to repair without proper training.

As a result, you might want to consider hiring a Los Angeles hi-tech appliance repair expert to help you fix your clothes dryer before it become a more costly problem to resolve. Hiring Los Angeles appliance repair experts to fix your dryer makes sense because they can help you detect and repair most dryer problems quickly.

For example, a L.A. hi-tech appliance repair expert can help you locate and repair problems in your unit’s heating duct, thermostats and duct work. He can also help you fix problems with your unit’s motor and power supply.

This is the case because Los Angeles hi-tech appliance repair experts have completed training programs that can help you locate and fix most problems found in modern units. Moreover, these experts also have the expertise to use their training to help you resolve minor dryer repair problems before they become more costly to fix. As a result, you can trust a L.A. hi-tech appliance repair expert to help you resolve all of your dryer repair problems quickly.

For more information about this useful service, be sure to contact a Los Angeles dryer repair expert today to learn how he can help you tackle even the most difficult dryer repair jobs quickly.

Dryer Repair Tips

Clothes dryers frequently provide no warning of an impending breakdown.

Even the most modern digital clothes dryers, however, are fairly simple devices, so fixing one can typically be accomplished rather quickly except in those cases where a high tech control unit must be replaced. The good news in this regard, if anything about a broken dryer could be considered good news, is that electronic controls will often fail when the dryer is new and still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Older dryers will typically suffer from one of three things.

1. The motor that turns the drum dies.

It must be replaced. The cost for this repair can vary according to the motor involved, so always obtain an estimate for the purpose of deciding between having a dryer repaired or replacing it.

2. The heating element burns out.

This is a relatively simple repair, one that is not too costly, and one for which most repair companies will have a replacement part available. For a dryer that is less than 10 years old, this will in all probability be a cost-effective repair. For dryers beyond that age a replacement might be considered if the dryer exhibits other issues or has a history of breakdowns.

3. A broken drive belt.

The drum that spins the clothes is driven by a belt similar to that on a car. This belt goes from a pulley on the motor to a pulley on the drum in some instances, and in others wraps around the drum itself. This is probably the most common dryer problem. The heat from drying clothes causes the belt to dry out and become brittle. Also, heavy items such as rugs and blankets can cause the drum to spin an evenly, which can place excessive strain on the belt.

Hi-Tech Appliance Repair in Westwood can handle these and any other situation that has you faced with the dilemma of not being able to dry clothes. In most instances, they can do this quickly and economically enough to remove the consideration of buying a new dryer completely out of the equation.

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