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Californians need their freezers, they just do, no getting around it, so if yours is acting up you need professional freezer repair. Los Angeles is not a city where you can mess around or put off the necessary repairs, it’s hot and without constant access to frozen treats (or just ice!) life can become unpleasant very quickly. When Los Angeles area residents are in need freezer repair there is one name that is mentioned above all others, Hi-Tech Appliance Repair! We have been industry leaders in the repair and servicing of freezer units for years and we only employ the most highly trained and respected technicians in their field. We require factory training in all major brand freezers, including Maytag, Amana, Kenmore, GE, and Frigidaire, among others, chances are whatever brand of freezer you own our technicians are experts in their repair.

In addition to treats of a frozen nature, other frozen foods such as veggies, fruits, and whole meals have revolutionized the way that we eat, allowing us to be more efficient, and economical by allowing is to purchase in bulk (costco anyone?) and buy food well in advance, allowing nutritious food well into the traditionally lean winter months. And in the Los Angeles region food storage was nearly impossible because of the heat before the development of refrigeration. Knowing what important advancements we have been able to make since the advent of freezer technology, how long can you possibly go with one that is not in good working order? Freezers have a number of different internal structures which are each in charge of a different function, it takes years and a great deal of training to be able to understand the intricacies of freezer repair, and should only be attempted by certified professionals. Here is just a small sample of the type of problems that may occur with your freezer that require immediate professional servicing:

  • The power source is working, but the appliance is not working
  • The defrosting mechanism is not defrosting properly
  • The temperature does not adjust properly
  • Broken door, either will not close or will not open
  • Parts need replacement due to constant exposure to freezing temperatures
  • The seals are not completely sealing
  • Isn’t getting cold enough
  • It is completely frozen over
  • Leakages
  • It is running really loudly
  • The cycling off feature isn’t working
  • Your freezer has quit working all together!

If you are experiencing any of these problems our experienced Los Angeles freezer repair professionals will be able to trouble shoot and repair, most often the very same day. Even if your freezer is not completely malfunctioning it is an excellent idea to get regular maintenance, it will not only keep your appliance in good working order for additional years, it will save you money on energy costs. If the seals are not completely sealed then your freezer may be forced to expend much more energy than necessary to keep cold, and you may not even know it! Call our support services center and we will get a technician out to you on your schedule!

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