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There’s no more basic cooking appliance than a good old fashioned stove, when yours goes on the fritz it’s time for stove repair. Los Angeles area appliance repair companies are a mine field, and if you aren’t careful you can get burned, that’s why you should stick with the proven professionalism of the stove repair industry leader, Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. Whether you have a Viking, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, or Frigidaire, our stove top specialists are factory trained and knowledgeable about repair and regular maintenance. Stoves in particular can be a very dangerous repair project if not completed with the utmost care and skill, it’s NOT a job that’s suitable for an amateur do-it-yourselfer!

There are many different types of stoves, and seems to be a new type popping up every couple of years, our Los Angeles area stove repair professionals are familiar and qualified to repair and perform regular maintenance on all of them! Continuing education on advancements in appliance technology is a requirement for all of our technicians, without exception! A technician could have been working with stove tops for decades, but if they aren’t familiar with smooth-top ranges, or euro-style burners, if they only work with gas or only electric, they aren’t going to be suitable for working with our clients, we hold our technicians to the highest of industry standards. The most common troubles our clients have with their stoves are:

  • Not heating up properly
  • Issues with the electrical system
  • Gas heating element clicking but not catching
  • Gas line issues, leakages or obstructions
  • Electric heating element not turning on
  • Making noises when the stove is not in use
  • Heating element is irregular
  • The stove isn’t working at all!

All of these issues are easily repaired by our certified stove repair specialists, allowing you to keep your current stove in good working order for years to come. However if what you are wanting is a kitchen update and your current stovetop is no longer fitting in with the scheme of your newly modernized kitchen we are also very happy to help you with installation of a brand new element more in keeping with the new feel of your kitchen. As cost effective and environmentally friendly as it is to keep your old appliance running , we certainly understand the call of the latest technological advancements, both in terms of cooking prowess and of the aesthetic effect that it can have on your kitchen. We would be happy to consult with you on the installation process!

As a reminder to our valued clients, please remember, if you have a gas stove, and you smell gas it’s vital to call the gas company immediately they will need to find the leak, and then you can call our stove repair professionals to come out and fix the appliance itself. Your safety is the most important thing to the Hi-Tech Appliance Repair family, if you have any questions about this, or if you would like to schedule a repair or new installation, please give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

Stove Repair Los Angeles

Services in Los Angeles specializing in hi-tech appliance repair are experiencing a boom these days because of the tight economy. In a more prosperous time, an old appliance that had stopped working might have been simply thrown away, ending up in a landfill. As money gets tighter, many are starting to question this habit. They’re looking at their old stoves, microwaves and other household items and wondering if repair is a better option. In many cases, the answer is yes.

Stove repair is a good example. A stove is a collection of several devices. There’s the oven, the elements on top of the stove and sometime other features. In most cases, all these things aren’t going to malfunction at once. Sometimes the oven stops working but the elements are fine, or sometimes it’s the opposite.

Either way, you’ve got an appliance that is mostly fine, but one or two things have stopped working properly. Since most of the appliance is still functional, it certainly makes sense to call a stove repair specialist and get the problems fixed rather than throwing away the stove and buying a new one.

Hi-tech appliance repair is a good way to extend the lifetime of a device and get the maximum return on the price, but it’s also a good choice from an environmental standpoint. The landfills of Los Angeles are getting full of old appliances, and if we can keep more of those devices in service longer, it will certain help ease the burden. If we think of an appliance as an investment of materials, labor and environmental impact, it just makes sense to try and keep that item in good repair as long as possible and get the maximum return for the investment.

When you think of all the stoves that have been thrown away in Los Angeles when a simple stove repair could have kept them in service, it’s obvious that we need to try harder to maximize the return on that investment. For the individual and for the world, repair is a smart choice.

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