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Sub-Zero Repair

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Sub-Zero refrigerators are leading the way in refrigeration, they design their units to keep food as fresh as possible for much longer and more effectively than other brands. Sub-Zero makes many types of refrigeration appliances that they hold to extremely high standards! Sub- Zero has several design styles, to fit every need. All Sub-Zero products are made in the US and Sub-Zero is a third generation family owned company that has been around for more than 60 years. They also use renewable energy in their factories and have several energy efficient appliances to help in the movement to “go green”! You can purchase any of the following appliances from Sub-Zero and all will be of the highest quality in performance, reliability and durability!

  • The Pro 48
  • Built In Refrigerators
  • Integrated Refrigeration Units
  • Wine Storage
  • Under Counter Refrigeration
  • Freezer

Sub-Zero appliances require special training to repair and maintain. All of the professional technicians at Hi-Tech Appliance Repair are fully qualified to work on any Sub-Zero unit. When your refrigeration unit is in need of repair it can be a very inconvenient situation, that is why we will get a technician out to you at your convenience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So, if you are in need of repair or maintenance on any of your Sub-Zero Appliances give us a call at 1-800-287-0919.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles

Refrigerators are a modern convenience we cannot live without, but their operation is not always flawless. When any component of the unit stops working you may need to call a Los Angeles appliance repair service. Such a business, serving the Los Angeles area, may offer freezer repair, ice maker repair, refrigerator repair, or service for commercial refrigeration systems.

Among the most technologically advanced refrigerators are Sub Zero brand. These high quality refrigerators are found in the best home and professional kitchens. These require professional appliance repair to correct problems with operation. Icemaker repair is just one of the services such a high-tech refrigerator may require. Other services a Sub Zero repair technician may provide include recharging the refrigerant, fixing the freezer, or repairing a water line.

Before calling for service of a non-working refrigerator, check that a power has not been lost to the unit. A disconnected plug or a tripped circuit breaker. These can be fixed without the need of an expert. If a physical problem with the plug or the cord exists, these should be repaired by a professional. Physical plug and cord problems include frayed cords or broken prongs on the plug. Other problems your Sub Zero refrigerator may have may not be as easily seen from the outside. This is why a professional is needed to diagnose and fix the problem. While waiting for the repairman to arrive, keep the refrigerator shut, and if cooling operation has not been restored to the unit after two hours, discard anything that was inside to avoid eating the spoiled food.

Sub Zero refrigerator repair requires professional knowledge. You should never attempt refrigeration repair on your own. Call your local service such as one for Beverly Hills appliance repair, Brentwood appliance repair, appliance repair in Los Feliz, Burbank appliance repair, Encino appliance repair, Pacific Palisades appliance repair, Playa Del Rey appliance repair, Santa Monica appliance repair, West Los Angeles appliance repair, or Pasadena appliance repair.

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