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Thermador Appliance Repair

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Thermador is a well recognized name in the appliance industry because the company has been making innovative appliances for over 75 years. Products include refrigeration and dishwashers, but Thermador cooking appliances are almost legendary. In fact, Thermador even offers culinary recipes on its website to encourage cooks to take full advantage of the technology built into the appliances.

Los Angeles customers have discovered that the cooking appliance product line offers a stunning array of ranges, rangetops, ovens, cooktops and cooking ventilation systems. All of the appliances are state-of-the-art and represent the latest research on both cooking and customer needs. The cooking appliances include a number of technology based features that make cooking efficient and precise. One of the newest features is the Thermador Star® Burner. The Star® Burner has a unique design that provides more even heat so you boil faster and cook more evenly.

Other available Thermador cooking appliance features include ExtraLow which cycles heat on and off when you want to cook food and not scorch it, large oven capacity, and easy to read and use controls. Cooking appliance choices include built-in convection ovens, steam and convection combination ovens,  4 to 6 burner rangetops, and three types of cooktops for electric, gas and induction.

Thermador is not just about cooking though. The company also sells refrigeration products that are made so that they can fit in any kitchen configuration. The refrigerator, freezer and wine columns are separate and narrow so they can be easily integrated into the  kitchen design. There are also more traditional bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerators with adjustable shelves, external ice and water dispenser, electronic controls and even a special Holiday Mode to comply with religious holidays. Stainless steel or custom door panels, whisper quiet operation and dependable service make the Thermador refrigeration units the choice of many Los Angeles homeowners.

The Thermador dishwashers also include the style and performance that is found in the brand’s other appliances. There is a range of appliances available that include features like the 4 or 6 wash cycle, crystal and china settings, stainless steel tubs, exceptionally quiet operation, heavy duty pot and pan cycles, and the ability to sanitize 99.9 percent of bacteria using an extra dry option.

Thermador appliances are low maintenance and high performance.  Hi-Tech Appliance Repair in Los Angeles technicians can provide the routine annual maintenance to keep the appliances operating at peak efficiency. If repairs are ever needed, you can rely on these same trained professionals to quickly and efficiently fix the problem so your appliance can get back to work. Repairs are completed using factory authorized parts so that your appliance can keep working the way it was designed to do. To talk to a technician about the maintenance or repair of your Thermador appliance, call 1-800-287-0919.

Thermador Appliance Repair

In Los Angeles, CA and surrounding communities, many homeowners have chosen to install high quality Thermador appliances in their homes. Established in 1916, this company is a subsidiary of BSH Bosch and Siemens. Thermador is widely acclaimed for its cutting edge style and impressive features available with its warming drawers, dishwashers, refrigerators, cook tops, ovens and more. It is a leader in style and design, and its innovative star-shaped burner available with select cook tops is just one of the many unique features found in its line up of appliances.

While many who choose to install these luxury brand name appliances in their home do so to enjoy the sense of style they provide and to benefit from the additional features they offer, others who have purchased these appliances made their selection based on the reliability and longevity of the appliances. Even the highest quality appliances, however, will require professional repair services at times. When your luxury appliances require repairs, call Hi-Tech Appliance Repair. This reputable appliance repair company is an authorized repair company for this brand as well as many other popular brands of appliances. The repair professional who visits your home is one who has received special training to repair this particular brand of high-end appliances. Keep in mind that not all appliances are the same, and specialized training is required to repair appliances.

By calling Hi-Tech Appliance Repair for a repair service, a knowledgeable and friendly repair technician will visit your home promptly and will run a diagnostic on your appliance. Some of the many common repair issues that Hi-Tech can provide includes

– removing deposits of minerals and sediment from your dishwasher
– restoring function to a refrigerator that will no longer keep foods cold
– repairing a cook top issue that is preventing the burners from igniting
– restoring ventilating function with a stove top ventilation system

All repair professionals are dispatched to LA area homes with the supplies, tools and parts necessary to repair your household appliances with same-day service for many common repair issues. Before you contact Hi-Tech to schedule your service appointment, however, consider running a quick diagnostic of your own. This can be accomplished by verifying that the gas line, water line and electrical cords are properly connected. You can also check the fuse box to your home to ensure a faulty fuse is not the issue with your appliance.

While these easy, at-home diagnostics may resolve some issues, other repair services may be required to restore the function of your household appliance. By calling Hi-Tech to schedule an appointment, you can quickly have your appliance repaired by an authorized professional.

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